My mission is to help every woman who longs to be a mother to hold a baby in her arms.

I was chosen for this mission because, like you, I also struggled with infertility and blocked Fallopian tubes. I was also told that IVF was my only option, and for me, at that time, IVF was neither an option nor an inclination. After extensively studying natural medicine for many years, both formal study of Naturopathic Medicine and Reproductive Science and independent research, I designed a powerful proven protocol that healed and unblocked my Fallopian tubes, and I wanted to use this knowledge to help other women reclaim their fertility naturally. I am now a Specialized Whole Body Fertility Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Published Author, birthing the Complete Book Set, “No! IVF Is NOT Your Only Option! The Fallopian Tube Formula”, which is now the Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol Online Course.

I also developed and carry a complete supplement line called Fallopian Tube Formula I and II, SerraLife Serrapeptase +Plus, and Fertility Vaginal Steam; which is featured in my newest book, “Fertility Vaginal Steaming.”

I experience profound joy in helping women all around the world reclaim their natural fertility and conceive their miracle babies.

I would love the opportunity to help you on your fertility journey. It’s not as difficult as you may think. I have helped hundreds of women just like yourself to resolve their fertility struggles and conceive their miracle babies. Our Success Stories speak for themselves. Click the button below to learn more about our Fallopian Tube Formula Protocol, and how this process works.

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