How to Achieve the Best Results with DIM

DIM (Diindolyl-Methane) is a powerful compound, and there are a ton of reasons to take it as a supplement: Menopause relief, correcting estrogen dominance, chronic acne reduction, weight loss. The list goes on.

Unfortunately, there are also a few ways that taking DIM can fall short of being everything that it should.

DIM is one of our most popular products, so we get to hear so many success stories. We also see how people fail to get optimal results.

We don't like that much, so we've compiled a quick list of things you should know about DIM to get the full benefit.

1. DIM Promotes The Body's Natural Metabolism Of Hormone Excesses

It's true that DIM eliminates excess estrogen (especially the excesses that come from estrogen mimicking chemicals that we absorb). 

But how this happens is important to know. DIM works to bring estrogen levels back into balance by promoting our bodies' own natural metabolism of these excesses.

Why does that matter?

Because your body knows what you need. If excess estrogen has been eliminated, the body does not continue to deplete estrogen levels. In other words, some people (especially those taking DIM for menopause-related estrogen dominance) worry about their estrogen levels dropping too low, and don't take DIM as directed. 

You can trust your body to metabolize only what is healthy to be rid of. DIM works by giving those smart systems a boost.

2. Headaches Can Happen (For A Few Days)

Headaches are one of the most common reasons people don't get the results that they should with DIM. Most people won't experience them, but it's also not uncommon at all for the first few days taking DIM to be marked by headaches, or even some slight fatigue.

For those that do have this experience, it can be a little bit like the start of a detox.

If you do experience headache(s) during your first days taking DIM, there are two things that you have to know:

A. They will go away.

The headaches are not a constant result of DIM usage, but rather, the result of hormonal shift and correction that is taking place in your body. Once the most dramatic corrections have been made, and levels are no longer in flux, detox-like symptoms also disappear. 

B. A rough first few days should actually be encouraging.

Because headaches and fatigue are the result of significant hormone shifting, they should actually be an encouragement that DIM is the right supplement for you. 

Hormone correction that is significant enough to cause a few days of discomfort, is also hormone correction that is significant enough to make a huge difference in your ongoing hormonal health.

In fact, many of the people that have the most significant gains from DIM will experience headaches or fatigue in the first few days.

3. You Shouldn't Take DIM On An Empty Stomach

You are much less likely to experience headaches, or other symptoms in the first few days with DIM if you always take it on a full stomach.

Absorbing DIM with a healthy meal allows the body a smoother and slower absorption process. That means less potential for headache, fatigue, or other noticeable disruption.

It's equally important to make sure that you are well hydrated while you are taking DIM. The body will be breaking down hormonal excesses, and keeping a ready supply of water on hand allows the body to expel the metabolites that are being produced.

We recommend at least a couple of additional glasses of water on top of what you might ordinarily drink during the day.

4. Darkened Urine Is Completely Normal On DIM

Speaking of moving higher levels of liquids through the body... the color and odor of your urine will probably change when you supplement with DIM.

Most people find that their urine is noticeably darker, and some variation of burnt orange. The smell also typically becomes more pungent than before.

These changes are so common that it's actually much more rare to have no such change to urine during DIM supplementation. 

Urine changes are the result of the body filtering out the broken down metabolites, as well as the DIM itself. But while the change is totally normal, they can be disconcerting if you don't know to look out for them.

5. Consistency Is Critical

Sadly, one of the most common reasons people fail to get everything out of DIM, is simple inconsistency.

It's something that we're all subject to. Life gets busy, and there are a million things to think about, and before you know it, you've missed three days in a row. 

Don't let that be you.

Remembering to take DIM every day is important because it keeps excess estrogen at bay, and prevents stores from building up. Whether you're in the initial phase of correcting imbalances, or maintaining your corrected healthy levels, you don't want to regress and lose ground.

That's the reason that DimProRX by Biomedic Labs has been designed to work with only one dose every day. We recommend selecting a meal where you take DIM each day. Once it's a habit, you won't have to think about it any more, and consistency won't be a problem for you!


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